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Machine-Roomless Elevators

Designed for 2 to 30 stories elevators. The reduced sheave size, together with a redesigned machine makes the whole package compact thus allowing the machine to be mounted within the hoist way itself and so eliminating the requirement for a machine room on the roof.
Speed ranges from 1m/s to 2.5m/s.

Gear Less Traction Elevators

Gear Less Traction Elevators have the wheel attached directly to the motor. Gear-less traction elevators have a maximum travel distance of around 2,000 feet so they are the only choice for high-rise applications.
Speed ranges from 0.33m/s to 2.5m/s.

Geared Traction Elevators

The electric motor in the design drives a gear-type reduction unit, which turns the hoisting sheave. This system operates on a less powerful motor, hence consumes less energy comparatively. An electrically controlled brake between the motor and reduction unit stops the elevator at the desired floor.
Speed ranges from 0.33m/s to 1.5m/s.

Elevator Controller

Capitalizing the rapid evolution of technology, King Elevators adopt the state of art technology of microprocessor based elevator controller to address the diverse needs of all segments. Microprocessor technology is the latest wonder from the electronics and is used widely in vertical transport technology in recent years.

  • Down collective for manual door system,
  • Full collective for auto door system.
  • Signal Indicator per floor and gang switch compatible.
  • Single speed,two speed and VVVF drive system.
  • Fire switch,hooter control and auto fan facilities.
  • Hall call buzzer,door open buzzer and voice announcement facilities.
  • Call register indication with LED or lamp and floor number with LCD or seven segment or dotmatrix display facility.
  • Electrical and mechanical safety is provided as a limit switch
  • Single phasing and reverse phasing protection
  • Auto attendant operation

Products Overview

Home/Single Phase Elevators.

MRL-Passenger Elevators.

Glass/Panoramic Elevators.

Bed Elevators.

Freight/Goods Elevators.

Car Elevators.

Dumb Waiters/Service Lifts.


Speed Range : from 0.33 to 2.5 mps

Capacity Range - Passenger ELV 4 to 26 persons

Capacity Range - Freight ELV 100 to 5000 Kgs

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency(VVVF)

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency(VVVF) Drive with latest Features.

Infra red screen sensors

Automatic Rescue Drive(ARD)


Independent mechanical and electrical lock for each panel of centre opening doors with dual door pick up skates.

Guarantees complete safety in emergency situations/incase of operational failure of connecting ropes and links(side open TS Doors).

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